Canada's Swim Team

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Anyone who can swim or is willing to learn can be a part of Canada’s Swim Team and help make us the World’s Largest Swim Team. 

Of course the roster includes members of Canada’s National Swim Team who compete at the Olympics and World Championships, but it also includes moms and dads, grandparents, young children, doctors, television hosts, teachers and librarians. To possibly be featured in this section yourself, just click here to join the team!

Here are a few people who have already taken the plunge!

Ryan Cochrane
  • Silver & Bronze Olympic Medallist
  • Favourite TV Shows: Dexter, Modern Family, Top Chef
  • Music behind the blocks: Any electronic dance music, from Cazzette to Knife Party
  • Favourite Restaurant: Mo:Le
  • Favourite Place to Visit: Barcelona
  • Loves to swim in local pool
  • Represented Canada on the National "Peep" Swim Team in 2010 & 2012
  • Gold medallist in 50m freestyle at 2012 "Peep" Games
  • Currently a swimming instructor
  • Favourite songs: Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler & Fly by Sugar Ray
Rob Faulds
  • Broadcaster on SportsNet
  • Favourite Book: anything by James Patterson
  • Favourite Place to Travel: anyplace by the water, beach or dockside
  • Secret Talent: can bark like a dog (not a useful talent)
  • Favourite Music: Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Sinatra
  • Favourite Food: Steak & Pasta
  • "Wild" & youngest member of the Pool Peep family
  • Learning safety & swimming lessons from his older brother Kicker
  • Loves to cannon-ball into the pool


Benoit Huot
  • 19-time Paralympic Medallist
  • Favourite Movie: Forrest Gump
  • Favourite Magazine: Les Affaires
  • Favourite Book: Open by Andre Agassi
  • Favourite TV Show: Tout le monde en parle
Annamay Pierse
  • 2008 Olympian & former World Record Holder in 200m Breaststroke
  • Favourite place to swim (in the world): the Greek Islands, the water is amazingly clear & beautiful
  • Favourite Colour: Hot pink
  • Secret Talent: Burp the alphabet
  • Favourite Music: Country all the way!
  • Favourite Food: Raspberries & mangos
  • Big sister of the Pool Peeps
  • A little timid around the pond, and always on the safe side
  • Likes to follow the rules, but still has fun swimming with her other peeps
  • Favourite Bands: Dixie Chicks, Counting Crows
  • Loves to race and compete against other peeps in the pool
  • Born without webbing in his right foot, which classifies him as an S10 when he races
  • Favourite stroke is butterfly
  • Goal is to make the 2016 Canadian ‘Peep’ Para-swim Team
  • Favourite movies: Chicken Run & Shark Tale


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